Candy Girls' Designs

Candy Girls' Design is a unique buisness for sexy gowns, two pieces, mini dresses and bikinis. That are made especially for you.


Every dress and bikini  are custom made to suit you. You just tell me any special requirements to suit your body shape.


How my site works is you can choose from the designs on my web site. Or have one custom design for you.

Once you've choosen the design you like you than need to choose the colour you like. You are not limited to just the colour on the photo.


The only part that you are limited with is, if it say a certain material type, than that is the colours you have to choose from for that design. e.g is a dress is a sequin and spandex gown, than you first choose your sequin colour from the sequin colour chart than you choose the spandex colour from the spandex colour chart.


If you have a design in mind whether it be a long gown, mini dress, 2 piece or a bikini and its not on my site, than im sure i can make it especially for you. Just email and we can start straigh away.